Gorgeous toy Maltese girl and boy looking for their forever home. They have such a loving temperament and love being cuddled.contact970673-7841
Free bumper cover. Good condition, I just need it out of the way. Dark Shadow Grey color from a 2004 Mustang Mach 1. Curbside pickup. Reply if you want it and Ill set it out for you to pick up. Stored indoor.
Building clean out, a couple of counter top ends, colored light panels, multiple glass shelves, Remington heater needs repaired sink, trailer wheels, crank out window, drill bit sharpener, free must take all. Calls or Emails only please.
I replaced both my headlights on my 9G Galant so theyd look more evenly worn, but the drivers side assembly still looks pretty good, so I kept it. It was used for 2 or 3 years and probably has plenty of useful life left in it. Its been awhile since I did the change, but I think theres still a working minibulb in there. If there is, its the light that stays on while the actual headlights instead...
4 Michelin studless snow/winter tires. 195/65 R 15. From a 2010 Honda Civic. tread left; good for at least one more season. weborders@frontiernet.net for pics. 304-864-0105.
half a dozen 17 " fluorescent bulbs. I don't know if they are still good, so you'll have to try them out!
Its about 72x42 heavy tile covered aluminum, just needs legs made for it. Has damage underneath and could be repaired or used as is once legs are made.
FREE Full size box spring in excellent condition. The box spring would not fit up the stairway in the apartment when I recently moved, this is the reason for not needing just the box spring.